It’s easy to assume that your air conditioner is in perfect working order as long as you aren’t suffering system breakdowns and noticing sudden spikes in your monthly utility bills. However, if you want to keep things that way, you should consider a spring tune-up with one of our professional service technicians. There are several advantages associated with having a spring maintenance visit performed on your King George, VA, air conditioner before the heat of summer.

1. Increase Energy Efficiency

No one wants to spend more on their monthly utility bills to keep their home comfortable when temperatures outside start climbing. Fortunately, having professional maintenance performed on your air conditioner can ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency. When one of our service techs makes sure that all your air conditioner’s parts are working correctly, you can enjoy increased energy efficiency and decreased utility expenses.

2. Prevent Major Repairs

In the world of heating and cooling, a minor issue can turn into something more serious and more expensive if left untreated. By getting a handle on any potential problems before they turn into something major, you can save yourself money and time. During a maintenance visit, our service techs check out every individual part of your AC which means they can spot problems before they evolve into something major.

3. Protect Your Warranty

Speaking of future repairs, your AC manufacturer’s warranty covers most of them. These warranties typically cover the cost of any replacement parts and can save you a fortune on repairs. However, to keep those warranties valid, you need to be able to prove that you’ve had regular professional maintenance performed on the system.

Having a cool, comfortable, and efficient home provides unparalleled peace of mind. Call us today at Ultimate Air, Inc. to find out about our maintenance plans and the rest of our HVAC services.

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