The latest programmable thermostats have a special feature called recovery mode. If you have no previous experience with such thermostats, you may not know what this means, and seeing your thermostat enter it may cause you to worry. For the benefit of homeowners in Beaverdam, VA, we’re going to explain what recovery mode is and why thermostats might enter it.

Normal Operation

Most of the time, programmable thermostats go into recovery mode for entirely normal reasons. Recovery mode is a special energy-saving feature that allows your thermostat to turn on your HVAC system quietly and begin altering temperature more subtly.

Older digital thermostats would just turn on your HVAC system at the appointed time. Newer ones with a recovery mode feature can do this in advance so that the temperature is already where you want it to be when the set time arrives. This prevents your HVAC system from starting abruptly and saves energy.

In most cases, this is all that seeing the words “Recovery Mode” on your thermostat really means. Other situations may not be as benign, however.

Problem Indication

Thermostats may also go into recovery mode if your HVAC system has airflow problems stemming from dirty filters, clogged valves, malfunctioning fans, faulty blowers and other reasons. If your furnace starts short cycling, your thermostat might also respond by going into recovery mode.

Other problematic reasons for a thermostat going into recovery mode might concern the thermostat itself. For example, a glitch, wiring issue or incorrect initial installation might trigger this reaction.

What Should You Do?

If your thermostat is in recovery mode for an unknown reason, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC repair technician. A professional will be able to solve the problem. Without swift action, the underlying cause of the problem may grow more serious and do greater damage to your HVAC system.

Usually, there’s no reason to worry if you find your thermostat in recovery mode. For help with exceptional cases, you should call Ultimate Air, Inc. in Beaverdam, VA and request HVAC services.

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