Your furnace should help circulate clean and fresh air in your home, and when it is working efficiently, you will not notice it when it is operating. However, your furnace may sometimes produce an unusual smell; some smells do not mean anything, while others might be an indicator of trouble. Here are some furnace smells that always means trouble in Partlow, VA.

Rotten Eggs

When you turn on your furnace and it produces a bad odor like rotten eggs, it is an indicator that your furnace has a problem. Furnaces use natural gas and the gas is highly flammable, making it a safety hazard. When your furnace smells like rotten eggs, it indicates that it has gas leakages, and you will need to call a professional to check it immediately.

Burning Oil

When your furnace starts smelling like burning oil, it might be an indicator of various things, and it will also interfere with your indoor air quality. If your furnace uses oil, you might smell burning oil when the oil fails to burn fully. If you had any spillages when filling the oil tank, the oil would cause some smell that fades away after some time. However, when the smells do not fade, and you are not sure of where it is coming from, you will need to call a professional to inspect your furnace.

Burning Plastic

Once you notice your furnace is smelling like burning plastic, it is time to call a technician to check it. The smell of burning plastic indicates malfunctioning electric wires, which poses a danger to your family. Also, the smell of burning plastic might indicate failed fan motor, and in that case, you will have to get a new furnace.

Furnaces are essential in keeping your house warm and cozy. However, you need to carry out regular furnace maintenance to ensure your furnace is working effectively and efficiently. For furnace installation, repair and maintenance in Partlow, VA, contact us at Ultimate Air, Inc.

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