A heat exchanger is a critical part of your furnace that transfers heat from one place to another. If it breaks down, this can have serious consequences both for you and for the state of your Mineral, VA home. Here are three signs that your furnace heat exchanger has gone bad.

1. Carbon Monoxide Leak

A carbon monoxide leak is a highly dangerous consequence of a problem with your heat exchanger. This is likely to happen if your heat exchanger has any cracks in it through which the gas may leak out into your home.

Since carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, you will only know about its presence if your furnace’s pilot light turns yellow. It is also dangerous to your health and will also cause you to feel light-headed, nausea and worse. This is a sign that you should seek professional help right away.

If you notice a carbon monoxide leak, request the services of a trained HVAC technician as soon as possible. This is a problem that demands immediate HVAC repair services.

2. Dirt in Your Heat Exchanger

Some accumulation of dirt may be normal on some of your furnace’s parts after long-term use. However, you shouldn’t see it in the heat exchanger. If you see dirt in the heat exchanger, you could have a cracked and damaged exchanger. You’ll need professional help to clean out the exchanger and resolve the issue.

3. No Heat

The final sign we’ll mention is obvious but important. If your furnace ceases to produce heat, something may very well be wrong with its heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger’s key function is to distribute hot air throughout your ductwork. If your furnace isn’t blowing any hot air, the heat exchanger is one obvious culprit.

A furnace can’t function with a broken heat exchanger. So, seeking a repair critical to staying warm in Mineral, VA this fall and winter. Call Ultimate Air, Inc. to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians for heating services.

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