A reliable furnace can make your life in Spotsylvania, VA, warm and cozy throughout the chilly winter season. A broken one, on the other hand, can make life unpredictable and your household uncomfortable. You’ll usually be able to tell if anything is amiss with your furnace, and here we offer several signs that your furnace needs an HVAC technician to repair it.

1. Your Furnace Makes Odd Sounds

If your furnace makes odd sounds that you cannot identify easily, then that means it is in need of professional repair service, pronto. Moaning sounds point to a furnace that has deteriorating bearings. Squeaking sounds often denote air leakage.

2. Your Furnace Gives Off Horrible and Stubborn Odors

Burning odors are, in many cases, an indication of soot accumulation inside of heat exchangers or different sections that encounter severe degrees of heat on a regular basis. Dank and musty furnace odors may point to the collection of moisture in an inappropriate spot that is encouraging the growth of unpleasant bacterial growth.

3. Your Furnace Isn’t Releasing Enough Heat

If you have a furnace that isn’t working properly, then it may not give off enough heat. If you have a furnace that isn’t creating sufficient heat, then leaking ductwork could be responsible for the situation. If your furnace isn’t generating any heat at all or is perhaps merely generating a little bit of it, then it’s time for you to set up an appointment for professional repair work.

Are you stressed out by a furnace in Spotsylvania, VA, that’s acting up and making you and your family cold and miserable? Call our team at Ultimate Air, Inc., to find out more about our various heating specialties or to schedule an appointment for furnace repair.

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