If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, you are likely evaluating various options. One type of system that is gaining in popularity is the ductless mini-split system. Our experts in Stafford, VA highlight four benefits that make ductless mini-splits appealing to many homeowners.

1. Heats and Cools Your Home More Efficiently

Central HVAC systems use ductwork to transport air throughout your home. As ductwork ages, hot and cold air escape because connections loosen and cracks form in the ductwork over time. Since ductless systems, don’t use ductwork, they will heat and cool your home more efficiently because you will not contend with air loss.

2. Zoning

Mini-split systems use multiple units in different zones of your home. Each unit controls the temperature in its designated zone. For example, one unit may control the living and dining rooms, while others control the upstairs bedrooms.

You have the option to run all the units at once or choose which units you will run. The ability to control the temperature in your home by zones prevents you from heating or cooling unoccupied areas of the house.

3. Faster Temperature Control

Since mini-split systems work in zones, they have a smaller space to control than whole-home systems. Since each unit controls a smaller space, they can cool or heat the space more quickly and more evenly.

4. Energy Efficiency

The features of ductless mini-split systems make them highly efficient. Air handlers distribute warm or cool air directly where it’s needed, and this leads to shorter cooling and heating cycles. Since the system runs more efficiently, it will use less energy and save you money on your utility bills each month.

Contact Ultimate Air Inc.

If you are ready to upgrade to a mini-split system, contact Ultimate Air Inc. for HVAC installation in Stafford, VA. Our highly trained experts are eager to serve you.

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