Whether it’s summer or winter in Partlow, VA, your ductless mini-split works hard to keep you comfortable. However, you need to take care of it to keep it working in top condition. If your indoor temperatures are fluctuating more than usual, keep an eye out for these five common causes of ductless mini-split malfunctions.

1. Check for Water Leaks

Examine the area around your mini-split. A clog in the condensate line may cause a water leak, leaving evidence on the wall. Call for repair immediately if you find any moisture; you want to avoid water damage to the interior of your home.

2. Check That Everything Is Clean

Look to make sure filters, compressors, and intake grates are clean. Dirty components can cause poor performance and undue strain on a mini-split, which will shorten its life. Even if everything looks good, consider a regular maintenance program to ensure your system stays clean in the future.

3. Check the Wiring

Your HVAC technician can inspect the wires and electrical terminals. A poor installation job or the mini-split’s vibrations over time can result in unsecured wires. Seek out a professional if you think you could have an electrical problem—they’ll be able to take it from there.

4. Check for Noises

Take a moment to think about any unusual noises your mini split has been making. Some causes of abnormal sounds are loose parts, leaks, or electrical problems in your system. These noises, especially a hissing sound made by a refrigerant leak, may indicate a serious issue; a professional can help you solve it.

5. Check the Evaporator Coil

Examine the evaporator coil for ice. A faulty blower can cause a frozen coil. A blower issue will also significantly reduce your system’s ability to cool your home; call a professional to repair or replace this part if necessary.

If you have found an issue while checking your system, act now. Contact Ultimate Air, Inc. today to get maintenance for your ductless mini-split.

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