An air conditioner is essential in regulating your home temperature and improving your comfort. Like any other appliance, though, it needs maintenance to prolong its efficiency. Here are five tips for AC maintenance this spring in Fredericksburg, VA.

1. Refrigerant Check

Checking for the correct amount of refrigerant is necessary. Too little or too much of it will lessen the efficiency of the air conditioner. Have a well-trained technician test for leakages using a leak detector.

It is necessary to adjust the refrigerant levels. Have one of our technicians check and replace the insulation on the refrigerant lines if there are any damages.

2. Inspect Electrical Connections

Correcting the electrical sequence and verifying that the cooling and heating systems aren’t working simultaneously should be a priority. Cleaning and tightening electrical connections will help to improve their efficiency. Faulty electrical connections are a safety hazard.

3. Condensate Drain

Drain lines are often clogged with debris and they thus prevent the unit from reducing humidity. Leaking due to excessive moisture stains your carpet and can lead to water damage.

4. Air Conditioner Coils

Dirt gathers around the evaporator coil, which reduces airflow and covers the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. Having your evaporator coil cleaned regularly and the airflow measured will ensure that it performs efficiently.

Ensure that you change your air filters regularly, especially if you have pets. Clogged filters make the system use more energy, leading to high utility bills and increased wear and tear. This can lower the service life of your system and increase your carbon footprint.

5. Ductwork Check

Make sure that you check your ductwork so that there’s no sagging. Leakages in the central system may lead to loss of energy as well as cold and hot spots.

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