When you buy a new heat pump, you may want to install it by yourself to save on installation costs. Unfortunately, choosing this option comes with more disadvantages than advantages. Below, we will discuss reasons to avoid DIY heat pump installation in Partlow, VA.

You May Damage Your Heat Pump

Any type of HVAC system is a complex temperature regulation system that has multiple parts that work together. Various parts of this system require very specific tools and knowledge to install properly.

Therefore, there is a high likelihood of damaging your HVAC system’s parts when you use basic garage tools to work on them. If it is your first time working on an HVAC system, you may not know the location of every part. As a result, you may puncture refrigerant lines, resulting in refrigerant leaks, or do other damage.

You Will Void Your Warranty

Your warranty guarantees that the manufacturer is responsible for any costs associated with heat pump repairs within a certain timeframe. However, the manufacturer emphasizes on the warranty document that you should always engage professional technicians for repairs, maintenance services and installations.

You will void your warranty if you decide to install your heat pump by yourself. This means you will have to shoulder any repair costs that may arise from your installation activities.

You May Harm Yourself or Your Family

When installing an HVAC system, you will encounter electrical connections. The system also has moving parts, such as fan blades, and motors that can cause injuries.

The system also has a special fluid called a refrigerant that harms the environment and human health when it leaks. In fact, there are laws in place that prohibit unlicensed individuals from working with refrigerants.

Installing a heat pump is simply not a DIY project. Contact Ultimate Air, Inc. for professional air conditioning installation and repair services.

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