You’ve maintained your heat pump, and it has given you 10 or more years of service here in Stafford, VA. This is good, so you don’t have to worry if the time has come for a replacement. However, you’ll know you need a new heat pump if you notice any of the following issues.

Frequent Breakdowns

Your heat pump may be breaking down more often than usual despite regular tune-ups. The decisive factor is whether the repairs you had done for it improved the performance; if they didn’t, then don’t waste any more money on such efforts and have technicians install a new system instead.

Poor Performance at a High Price

Without breaking down, your heat pump may throw out many signs of inefficient performance, such as extremely rapid or abnormally long cycles, lukewarm air, and low air pressure. When these persist even after a technician addresses them, then there’s little hope of rejuvenating the system.

At the same time, you may have observed a sharp increase in your monthly bill. While this may happen upon entering into cooling season, it shouldn’t happen in the middle of that season unless you start to run the heat pump for a significantly longer time. Unexplained rises in the bill, then, indicate a system in need of replacement.

Stale and Dirty Indoor Air

The quality of heat pump performance and indoor air quality tend to rise and fall together. When heat pumps cool your indoor air as they should, remove humidity from the home. You’ll need a new heat pump, then, when occupants start suffering more than usual from allergies, humidity levels go up and there’s a suspicion of biological growth in the vents.

Get Personal Attention and Flat-Rate Prices

Ultimate Air, Inc., has your back when it comes to performing an installation, so call us today for a consultation at your home in Stafford, VA. Established in 2005, our company has assembled a reliable team of technicians and carries premium heat pump products from Trane. This manufacturer has even designated us as a Trane Comfort Specialist.

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