If you’re like most residents in Fredericksburg, VA, you spend most of your time indoors, and a majority of it will be in your home. You might be shocked to discover that a typical home’s air is two to five times more polluted with particulate matter than the outdoor air. Consider these helpful tips about particulate matter and how you can deal with it in your home.

Recognize Common Particulate Matter Sources

Particulate matter comes from many sources. Outdoors, auto exhaust, factories, forest fires, and the burning of trash or leaves are major contributors to particles, and those particles can get into your home. Fireplaces, cooking, candles, space heaters and tobacco smoke are also household sources of particulates.

Control What You Bring Into Your Home

Be aware of what you bring into your home. Many hobby and craft supplies, such as glues and paints, contain particles and release volatile organic compounds. Additionally, be cautious about the activities you do indoors. Burning candles or trash, sanding wood and home remodeling are a few activities that generate a lot of particles, explains the Environmental Protection Agency. Use exhaust fans, hang plastic sheeting, and do these activities outdoors whenever possible.

Trap and Remove Particulate Matter from the Air

Although you can reduce the number of particles that get into your home’s air, it’s impossible to fully eliminate them. Air purifiers are an excellent way to get rid of particulate matter. These indoor air quality products use highly rated air filters to trap small particles, including the particles in smoke and soot. They also trap dander, dust, and pollen. A whole-home ventilator blows the dirty, stale air out of your home and brings in fresh air from outside. A heat or energy recovery ventilator can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

For more helpful tips about particulate matter and how to deal with it, take a look at Ultimate Air, Inc.’s indoor air quality products, or get in touch with us today.

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