Since you must run your heat pump during the summer to stay comfortable here in Partlow, VA, you want to get the most out of it. Poorly maintained heat pumps don’t go beyond 10 years, usually, while those that do receive the attention they need can achieve a life span of 15 years or longer. With three DIY projects, you can come a step closer to a more long-lasting heat pump.

Allowing for Good Airflow

To keep the air flowing smoothly, you must ensure two things at the very least: that the air registers are clear of furniture and other hindrances, and that the filter in the return vent gets replaced on a regular basis. Just as it’s harder to blow through a straw if you pinch it, so also it’s harder for a heat pump to operate with dirty filters or blocked vents. Don’t let the heat pump wear out because of that.

Cleaning the Compressor

The compressor has expensive components that you want to keep in good working order; otherwise, you’ll find yourself requesting a complete AC installation rather than going with repairs. Clean the condenser coil, to begin with, because this has the critical job of allowing the refrigerant to release warm air outside. You can gently spray the coils with a hose. This is also completed by a technician during a regular tune-up service call.

Programming the Thermostat

If you own a programmable thermostat, take advantage of its capabilities and create a cooling schedule around those times when no one is home. You thus avoid overuse and even save on your energy bill.

Our Maintenance Plan

Turn to Ultimate Air, Inc., for professional maintenance, which can take care of all the maintenanc tasks needed for your heating and cooling system. Wall today for details about our annual maintenance plan. No matter what you request of us, we guarantee your satisfaction with the results.

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