During those sweltering summer days in Mineral, VA, your air conditioner has to work for hours to keep your indoor climate comfortable. Running your AC for longer periods will result in higher utility costs, not to mention quicker wear and tear of its parts. Here are some tips for achieving better AC efficiency to help you stay comfortable while saving money.

Clear the Perimeter Around Your Condenser Unit

The condenser is a part of your cooling system that is outside the house. Over time, the outdoor unit accumulates dirt and debris, which can obstruct airflow coming in and out of your air conditioner. Make sure foliage, rocks, or other yard debris doesn’t block the condenser.

Clean Filters and Vents

Run your vacuum cleaner over the air conditioner’s indoor vents and filters. Dirt and debris accumulation in these parts of your AC can make it harder for the system to suck in air from the outside and expel it back out. Having routine AC maintenance can also help prevent major issues in the long run.

Keep Heat-Generating Appliances Off

Wait for the coolest temperatures of the day before you start roasting a chicken in the oven or running your dishes in the dishwasher. You’ll want to save these tasks for the early morning or late evening hours. The heat produced by these activities can linger around your home for hours, making it more difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Keep Window Blinds and Curtains Closed

Perhaps the easiest way to help your AC run more efficiently indoors is to use blinds and curtains during the daytime. Sunlight that hits your household can enter from the windows and raise indoor temperatures. Blinds that have a lighter outside-facing color tend to work better in repelling sunlight, while darker blinds absorb more sunlight.

If you are in Mineral, VA, and want to maximize your air conditioning system’s efficiency, consult with our team at My Ultimate Air today. Our experts will give your HVAC system a comprehensive assessment and tune-up.

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