A frozen heat pump is not uncommon among homeowners, and it can disrupt your daily life. Most likely, you will begin to notice a decrease in the temperature inside your house or the efficiency of your system. Here are some reasons why your heat pump is freezing up in Partlow, VA.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels can lead to freezing issues with your heat pump since it affects how effectively the system operates. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, then it cannot absorb enough heat from indoors, resulting in more frost accumulation on components like coils and fan blades. To fix this issue, contact an HVAC technician who can diagnose and recharge your refrigerant levels as needed.

2. Dirty Air Filters

The filter prevents dirt particles from entering into the evaporator coil, but over time dust and debris can accumulate in the filter itself. This impairs airflow through the coils, limiting their ability to absorb or dispel warm or cool air from indoor air. To prevent this issue from occurring regularly, have a professional check your filter at least once a month and replace it as needed.

3. Faulty Reversing Valve

In cooling mode, a reversing valve directs refrigerant flow through one set of coils. In heating mode, it switches direction so that it flows through another set of coils instead.

If this valve fails, then refrigerant will not flow properly and thus could cause frost buildup on the outdoor unit’s coils while in cooling mode. If you think this may be an issue with your system, contact an HVAC technician right away to diagnose and repair your reversing valve.

When you need heating services in Partlow, VA, call Ultimate Air Inc. Our technicians are highly trained and friendly, and we offer top-notch services at a fair price.

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