As summer turns into fall, a commercial HVAC system is a necessity since it ensures your workforce has a comfortable working environment in East Partlow, VA. Before you purchase one, you should ensure it’s powerful enough to heat and cool the entire workspace without raising the monthly utility bills of your business. Some of the reasons why load capacity matters when installing a commercial HVAC system include:

Long-Term Savings

Load calculation is important since it ensures your monthly energy expenses are affordable. Also, the right-sized commercial HVAC unit will last longer. It won’t break down frequently, so you won’t spend a significant sum on repairs.

Improved Health

Oversized and undersized equipment will bring about issues ranging from unbalanced humidity levels to poor ventilation. Such issues will affect the health of your workforce, leading to increased healthcare costs and frequent employee absences.

Goldilocks Effect

The size of a commercial HVAC system represents the energy it consumes to maintain a comfortable environment. If the system is oversized, it will cycle on and off frequently, resulting in temperature fluctuations.

A small HVAC system runs overtime, and can’t guarantee a comfortable environment for your employees. Fortunately, Goldilocks testing can help to determine the suitable HVAC system size for your business based on load calculations.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Two important factors to consider when choosing an HVAC system include the level of insulation and window size since they can impact energy efficiency. Load calculations will analyze such issues to determine how they impact heat gain and loss.

The load calculations will help determine the ideal HVAC system for your business. A properly sized HVAC system equates to optimized energy efficiency.

At Ultimate Air, Inc., our load calculations make it possible to ensure your business gets the right HVAC system. Check out our services at commercial HVAC services, and contact us for more information.

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