For most Fredericksburg, VA homeowners, AC repairs are an annoyance. Something is wrong, but you don’t know what. Here are some common air conditioning repairs to help you figure it out.

Replace Clogged Filter

Filthy filters destroy air conditioners by reducing cooling effectiveness. Dirty filters also restrict airflow, so the system needs extra energy to force cool air through the ducts.

Cold air gets trapped inside the system. Ice forms on the coils, and before you know it, your AC freezes up. The air conditioner can overheat and damage other parts of your system.

Flush Out Condensate Drain Pipe

The condensate line drains moisture from indoor air and directs it outside. If a blockage develops, excess condensation overflows, collects in the drain pan, and a safety switch turns off the system.

The blower and thermostat may continue to work, but the condenser shuts down. An AC repair specialist must flush out the drain and remove any obstructions.

Motor Blowout

If your AC stops working and you smell something burning, the blower motor has probably overheated. You might also hear banging or grinding noises in your ductwork.

Blower motors are assisted by capacitors at startup. The motor must crank up the blower when capacitors go bad without help. The excessive strain causes the motor to overheat, blow out, and shut down.

Bad Condenser Fan Replacement

Condenser fans that start to fail should be replaced at once. If you wait, it can ultimately damage the condenser and compressor.

A bad condenser fan might not run when your AC turns on. It might not stop running when the AC turns off as well. The fan could rotate slowly, or you might hear rattling in the condenser.

Say goodbye to frequent AC repairs by working with our team at Ultimate Air, Inc. today. We can help prevent frequent AC breakdowns by 95% and save you 40% on energy costs.

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